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            Even though we begin with faith as small as a mustard seed, we must grow spiritually if we would bear the fruits of the spirit. It is for that reason that I am seeking 'seeds' from the scriptures, and sharing them with others.

          I find many things to ponder as I experience God's earthly kingdom. I am drawn to the Biblical writings, especially the parable form of teaching utilized by Jesus and other authors throughout the scriptures, and have therefore adopted the genre for my own writings.  
      Born on a farm, I am very much the product of the agricultural community. I grew up in a family of avid readers, and Bible reading was an important part of the daily routine for my parents. Although my career took me into the fields of communication and education, my roots have always remained close to the soil, and to the Christian fellowship.
 insert 2     Now retired, Dorothy, my wife since 1955 and I live on a small farm in central Ohio. Daily contact with the fields, woodlot, and our small flocks of sheep and chickens provided ample background material for a new article each week, starting in1996, and preparation for a Sunday morning Bible study class triggered the thought processes.

         I  bought a new computer when I retired from managing the educational television department for a city school system, and took on the task of publishing a monthly newsletter for our local rural  church. The need for some occasional filler articles, a lifetime of observations and experiences, and an appreciation of the parable of the soils and the sower all came together in the form of an extended parable,   Seeds For Thinking.
        Jesus spoke so often about planting, the growing season, and the harvest, that the theme seemed appropriate for what became an ongoing ministry of the Word.
 An incident involving one of the roosters in our flock of chickens inspired the story that I call
The Story of the Prodigal Rooster
I printed an illustrated version of the story on a card, and that developed into a way of reaching a wider audience for God's Word.  
                     The on-line world beckoned, first as an e-mail list to friends and members of my family. The list grew to the extent that my e-mail server tagged me as a "spammer." God's Word as 'junk!

      Wider "fields" beckoned -  e-mail alone was too limited, and the Gospel message so important that a permanent presence on the  'web'  seemed to be the next step. I adopted a web name based upon the practice of 'gleaning' the fields at harvest, picking up grain left by the workers -  The Old Gleaner.
old gleaner

            So . . . Thank you for stopping by.  Hopefully, you will find some thoughts to ponder,  perhaps new reasons to study the scriptures in depth, and become inspired to share The Good News with others,  as I have shared with you.
        Come back often.  

                 'The Old Gleaner'

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