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: Jesus said, “If you have  faith as small as a mustard seed,  . . . nothing will be impossible for you.” Matthew 17:20 , NIV

Nothing Impossible
          Baking a pie is easy! You just need to get the materials, a recipe, and follow instructions. Right?
     NO !?
    And - Hey! Anybody can  repair a gasoline engine. Just need some tools, and dig in.
     No, again?
    But of course anybody can do those things - if you have one important item. Experience!! And knowledge, of course, but much knowledge comes through experience. Hands-on, do-it to-it, make mistakes and move on experience.
    Some things are automatic, such as breathing and the heart beating. Walking? Gotta practice! Talking? Humans are ‘wired’ for talking early in development, but it takes time and exposure to talking people before a child puts something together other than babble.
    One thing about children, though, they are eager to try most anything. Not so for adults, as adults usually are VERY reluctant to try something with which they are not familiar. Children, up to the age when they become self-conscious about looking silly, will sit down at the computer, or make a stab at getting some sound to come out of a musical instrument.I've known of adults who can easily bake a scrumptious pie, or strip down and reassemble engines, dissolve into a pile of jelly at the very thought of having to set the clock on a video tape recorder. I’ve heard of people who stick a piece of tape over that flashing
  12:00   -  
             Out of sight, out of mind.
    There is one very, very important factor in all this talk about experience. First, we have to WANT  to learn how to bake a pie or repair an engine, operate a computer or play a musical instrument. We have to acknowledge that we are starting with zero-zip-zilch experience, but are willing to learn. And we have to have a teacher! An experienced, knowledge-able teacher.
    Think you can’t do any of those things on your “can’t do/won’t do” list? You are never too old to learn  and never too young to teach. PRAY that you be found willing to do both, and that the Spirit helps you, as Jesus promised.
    Talk to non-Christians about heaven. Ask them if they know Jesus. Invite them to church. Watch their faces; watch for the excuses, the denials to start.
    This is where you find out how good a teacher you are. Can you assure them, interest them, lead them? Is your life such that they can see God’s message radiating from your life?
    Endeavor now, before time slips away, to try something new. You may confound your doubting friends, amaze yourself, and  make God say, “See, I have given you powers you didn’t even realize you had.”

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