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: Paul said, “For in him we live and move and have our being. As some of your own poets have said, “We are his offspring.” Acts 17:28, NIV
        Sometimes partial or inaccurate information can be worse than no information at all. A report of  a news story with the names of those involved mixed up, or the events distorted, may not only confuse people, but also bring long-term agony to the subjects of the report.
    We’ve all seen or read them - maybe!  “Corrections” notices buried deep within the newspaper that most people miss. Perhaps it was the reporter’s error for not getting all the information. It may have been one of the subjects interviewed for the story who gave misleading information; after all, people generally want to give a good impression of themselves, and many have been known to ‘stretch’ the truth a little - in their favor, of course.
    Perhaps you have watched one of those  advertisements for some tool or “wonder” gadget. “It slices, it dices . . .” - you know the type. The marvelous device is not only described in glowing terms, but demonstrated right before your eyes! “Got to have one of those,” people say.   The  real  wonder  is  why  you  bought the wonder gadget in the first place!
    Incomplete information. Mis-representation.  Just sloppy reporting. All can have a detrimental effect on the person looking for “the facts, sir, just the plain facts.”
    We expect the truth in a court of law. If you’ve ever sat on a jury, especially a domestic relations case, you know one side isn’t telling all the truth. “The whole truth” is sometimes missing.
    It is said that figures don’t lie, but liars can figure! Now, we wouldn’t deliberately mislead people would we? Of course not. After all, we are Christians, and we know that Christ didn't lie. Hmmm!?!
         We trust that statistics illustrate the truth, yet President Harry Truman said that statistics is one of the most outrageous forms of lying.
    When a hen cackles, does it mean she is laying an egg, or is she lying? We have had a rooster who cackled just like a hen. While he might have been proud of his ‘ladies,’ it wasn’t his egg. He told a good story, but he was lying!
    So when a Christian ‘cackles,’ are they lying or laying? Are we truthfully making known The One whom we are representing? People eventually ‘read’ all of our life, not just the events we include, and  not just the way we wish they would read it. We can describe our Christliness in glowing terms, we can point to Christ as the Lord of All, but unless people can read our story fully and openly without causing either of us to blush, we have sadly missed the mark!

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