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: Jesus said, “For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Lk. 11:10“, NIV
    The Pastor read us a passage from  The Gospel of John at Bible study and asked if anything “leaped out” at us. I couldn’t claim any leaping thoughts on this occasion. I have read it many  times,  so  no surprises  or  new  thoughts here. Not that the passage wasn’t important, or had no revelations for the Christian reading it. Could have been!  But not this time.
    It does point out, however, that not every exploration is new and startling. We do not always go from an ‘up’ to an ‘upper-up’!  Anyone who seeks will eventually find, but not every time. At least not gems undiscovered before.
    Remember the fairy tale of the princess and the frog? When the princess finally overcame her repugnance at (Yech!) kissing a green amphibian,  the frog turned into a handsome prince. But not every frog. Just this frog, who was originally a prince until crossing the path of the wrong witch. And just for this fairy tale. Consider the tee shirt emblazoned with the the motto, “You’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince.
    Point is, we never know what to expect, or what we will find, unless we seek.
    So . . .  do we stop reading scripture because we read a few verses, and nothing leaps out or envelops us in rapture?  Not at all!
    Consider the many times Jesus advised seeking and asking until we come upon that “pearl of great price.” Or knocking until the door of knowledge and understanding opens for us.
    Archeologists are special seekers. They are looking for “old stuff.” Things people have left behind. And not just large items, either. Little things, like pieces of broken pottery, coins, nails and belt buckles. And the very appearance of the dirt itself. No back-hoes here! They go at it with spoons and even brushes, purposefully, cautiously, lest the slightest clue be destroyed. A change in the color of dirt can indicate where a wall, post or previous construction once existed. Pottery and coins can be used to date the site very precisely. Each bit of dirt is sifted to find even the smallest item. To you and me, that’s a lot of dirt and  -  trash. To the experienced archeologist, every tiny bit is worthy of rejoicing.  The pearl of great price. The frog-to-prince. The “leaping out” of new knowledge.
    But not every spoonful. Not every time. Sometimes one person sees things where another does not. A different angle, though, may bring a totally new viewpoint.
    Become a Biblical Archeologist! Seek, ask, knock. Who knows when you will uncover a “Prince” of knowledge and understanding of God’s word for us.

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