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Scripture: Jesus said, “Between us (heaven)  and you (hell)  a great chasm has been fixed, so that those who want to go from here to you cannot, nor can anyone cross over from there to us.” Luke 16:26  NIV
What's Bugging You?     

        Clothes on the floor?
Won’t close the door?
    Drivers too fast  . . . Drivers too slow?
Somebody snore?
    Down to your last nerve,
        And somebody on it?
Telephone rings, and nobody on it?
    All stressed out, and nowhere to explode?
Ah!  Yes;  been there, done that, and more, too!
    Little things can itch and annoy. Isn’t it the constant heat that boils the kettle?
    The medium heat that bakes to the middle?
The continual flexing that fatigues the metal. . .
    Until something gives?

    Such is the fate of the man in the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus, Luke 16:19-31.
    The beggar, Lazarus, has had it rough in the worldly life; the other all the earthly pleasures. Now, after death,  their fortunes are reversed, and unchangeable. No fine linen and luxury for the rich man now. In the heat of torment, he can only gaze upon the glory that surrounds Lazarus, safe in Abraham’s bosom.
    The view of an unattainable heaven, and his situation, will ‘bug’ the former “rich” man forever.
    The author of the apocryphal and apocalyptic book of 2 Esdras also raised the question of the state and treatment of the departed. (2 Esdras, Ch. 7:75-87) In his comparison of Gehenna and Paradise, he poses that it is not just the heat that will make the suffering so unbearable, but the knowledge that they have scorned the way of The Most High that will bug condemned ones throughout eternity. They will wander in torment, grieving and sad, because:
         And you think something is bugging you now?

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