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Seeds For Thinking    A Sower went out to sow
       We are bombarded so much with weeds in our daily lives, that it is a real pleasure to find within the scriptures  
that promise a fruitful, heavenly, harvest. 

If you find Seeds For Thinking  within these writings, I hope that you will
  • Plant them, 
  • Nourish them,
  • Cultivate them, and
  • Dig 'round about them,
that the Harvest may be plentiful indeed!  

Leland Hubbell
©  1996 - 

The Stress Factor

        What good does it do to get angry at those who try to either add to, or detract from, the Biblical story? Nothing they can say or do will change the Biblical facts. In truth, people filled with anger are not likely to have much room for peace on earth. When Jesus sent the disciples out on their first mission, they were instructed to take only the essentials (Lk. 9:3). Perhaps some of the customs that we have adopted are extra baggage that can distract us from the essentials of true belief. All of the supposed "must have" gifts of this world are as nothing compared to the great Gift God has given us.

Don't Rant & Rave  . . .   Clicking HERE may bring a little relief!
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lease browse through the pages, 
nowing  that  Seeds For Thinking  is  a work in progress.  
You will find some 'Seeds' that have not 'sprouted' yet.
That is
I am continually adding to the files.
Please be patient, allow more time 
until I  "dig around it"
and Nurture it.
(See Luke 13:8)
Please return often and see how the Harvest is going.

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Will there be a Harvest?

Some SEEDS will fall by the wayside; the devil will come and take the words from their hearts.
Some SEEDS will quickly sprout in those who receive the Word, but fall away.
Some SEEDS will be choked out by the cares, riches, and pleasures of life.
                These SEEDS will bear no fruit.  Read Luke 8:4-15

But some SEEDS will  fall on the good ground - those people who, having heard
the Word
with a noble and good heart, keep it and bear fruit with patience.  (Luke 8:15)
Such a deal!
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